Women’s Sweatshirts

Originally an all-cotton practice jersey,the crew neck sweatshirt is a necessity in today’s wardrobe.
The first crewneck sweatshirt was invented in 1920 by Benjamin Russell Jr., a football player for the University of Alabama. Tired of the itchy wool jerseys he and him teammates would sweat through during.
The classic crewneck sweatshirt certainly has athletic-inspired roots. But you can wear it in a decidedly modern fashion nowadays. Sweatshirts are still used for their original purpose as comfortable athletic wear, but they are also worn for staying warm in cooler temps, repping a collegiate team, or layering to form a fashionable outfit.
Now often called a crew neck or simply just a sweatshirt, each has a round neck and no collar.A classic, the crew neck sweatshirt is a statement piece worn by women like.

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